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How to use Microsurvey with Portal

How to use Microsurvey with Portal

The Microsurvey app allows you to ask a multiple-choice, one question survey in Portal and then display a thank you message or redirect to another page.

In your Portal Editor, select the Apps tab

Then enable the Microsurvey app in the App Directory

After you enabled Microsurvey in the App Directory, it will appear under the Selected section

As you edit, you'll see a live preview of what the Microsurvey will look like in Portal on your website

🖊️ Name your Microsurvey

In the 'Selected' section, click Microsurvey and then add a descriptive name that will help you identify this survey. This name will only be used internally.

⚙️ Configure your Microsurvey

Click the 'Manage Survey' button to start configuring your Microsurvey.

❓ Question

In the Question section of your Microsurvey you can add a question and description with up to 4 multiple-choice options.

🙏 Post-Survey

The Post-Survey section is where you choose what will happen after a survey is submitted.

There are three different ways to configure your survey post-submission:

Show a Thank You message - The message appears for 4 seconds after submission and has a customizable title and description

URL Redirect - The URL immediately opens a different page in a new tab

Thank You message + Redirect - This option shows a thank you message briefly before opening a different page in a new tab

At least one of these post-survey options are required.

🎨 Style your Microsurvey

You can style your Microsurvey by customizing the Submit button text and choose between one of the color palette options or choose a custom color.

💾 Finalize and Save your Microsurvey

When you've collected all the responses you need, you can finalize your Microsurvey to ensure the results do not change.

There are two ways to save your survey results.

Once you change the Survey Name field, you'll be given the option to 'Update the existing survey' or to 'Publish a new survey'. When you choose to publish a new survey, the previous survey's responses will be saved in the Analytics page.

If you disable the Microsurvey app, the survey will no longer appear in the Portal or receive new submissions. The results in the Analytics page will remain unchanged.

Please note that if a Portal is deleted, any survey results received in that Portal will also be deleted in the Analytics page.

🤔 Changing a Survey after it's Live

It's likely that you will want to add another answer options, change answer options, or adjust the appearance of your survey after its already received responses. As you make changes and save your edits, you will see the 'Publish Your Survey Changes' modal.

If your changes are to update your existing survey and you'd like any future survey results to appear in the same chart as your current survey in the Analytics page, select 'Update existing survey'. If your changes are for a new survey, select ''Publish a new survey' to finalize your previous survey results and create a new survey in the Analytics page.

The 'Publish Your Survey Changes' modal will only appear if you change the Survey Name or Survey Options.

📈 Analytics

You can see a brief overview of the total survey views and responses in Portal Editor. To view a summary of the survey results, click on the Analytics button in the Microsurvey app or the Analytics button in the top menu bar.

If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen

Updated on: 24/05/2022

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